Thursday, September 22, 2005

Check me out

The new issue of eratio is out, and three of my poems are in it. So instead of posting a poem for you today, I'm pointing you toward this highly regarded journal where you can read my work, as well as poems by amazing writers such as Jack Foley, Dan Masterson, Marcia Arrieta, and Eileen Tabios.

Thanks to editor Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino for putting it all together, and placing me in the company if these gifted poets.


Anonymous said...

Hello Amy, so glad to have you back. How’s your vacation?

I really enjoy all three poems, especially “Aquarium”.

Simply fantastic! :)

Josse said...

Congrats Amy. For those of us who can't get our hands on the journal could you post one of your poems?

SilverMoon said...

Congrats! Super news, Amy! :)
Waving whohoooooooo!! ~~~~~~~~~~~

Amy said...

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the good wishes. I really appreciate it.

Josse, eratio is an online journal. You can find it at I haven't decided whether to post one or not; this blog has always been about other people's work. But we'll see.

Travis J. Morgan said...

Nice poems, a pleasure to read. I have posted my poetry on my site recently.