Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kimmy Beach at Greenboathouse Books

After the roundabout discussion Moose and I had over the complicated grammar in the previous Dickinson poem, I thought I'd post a contemporary, accessible poem. I like this for the commonality of the depicted experience (taking pictures with friends) with the creepy twist of being watched or shadowed by someone without knowing it. I found this poem in the archives of the Greeboathouse Books site. Check it out; there's some great stuff over there.

(who lurked for three days)

you appear blurred in the background
of photos taken before we knew you
your eyes on Brenda
she takes over the taverna
noisy tourists on all sides of us

I can make out your pressed white shirt
the dark moustache
Brenda's laugh holds you

here you watch us down
another bottle of Retsina
in this picture we pose for an American
holding my camera

over Brenda's right shoulder
just above the hand I have placed there
you lean in
watching with no expression

we don't meet you until three days later
you are in every photo
studying us from behind
and to the right

Kimmy Beach


Danny said...

Andres in the poem is like an “outsider”, a blurred existential image of man in our society. While an “outsider” can be so detached from humanity, he can be everywhere watching everyone in a cold and passive attitude. However, sometimes the “outsider” can be living in us.

I like the sweet ‘cynicism” in the poem but I am more amaze how you could unearth such great resources with a poem like this one Amy.

Amy said...

Hi Danny,

I like your philosophical take on this poem. Maybe that is why I find it so creepy; there is something about the experience that feels very familiar. The polarity of those who belong/those who don't belong is probably familiar to everyone to some degree.

Also, the "outsider's" intentions are completely unknown. There's a definite feeling of something pre-planned--he had his eye on "Brenda"--so, is he planning something malicious? The poet wisely does not answer that question.

David E. Patton said...

I like this poem,check out my poetry.

garnet david said...

Yes, a bit creepy. I think we assume he was alone. And they get to watch him watching, three days later.

Happy blog birthday! I noticed your archives started last Oct.

Amy, I finally, belatedly, added you to my blogroll. I thought your were there, but no, until now.


MB said...

Hi Amy!
Creepy and accessible, both. Nice choice. (Much easier to scan than the Dickinson poem! heh!) I'm glad to know about Greenboathouse Books and will check it out - thanks.

Amy said...

Garnet, you're right, I have had this blog for a year. I didn't even realize that. Thanks for pointing that out!

daviso said...

i think observer poems happen everyday when I walk. you can't go back but this one is good as captures essence of what happens around a photo. -DU