Sunday, May 28, 2006

Erasure Poem

I was perusing the Big Window blog and found a post about creating your own erasure poetry online at Erasures, a site sponsored by Wave Books. I found it strangely inspiring. Here's the poem I wrote, created from "A Book of Operas" by Henry Edward Krehbiel:

In the third house
night sings a dream and
transcribes it with bits of
when sung
as impulse

Go write your own erasure poem, then come back and post what you wrote in the comments section. I'm headed to Disney World for a week, and I will be without my trusty iBook; I'll read them when I get back!

Take care.


MB said...

A fascinating combination of inspiration and limitations! Just for fun, I decided to use the same piece you did and see where else it would lead.

sings a dream;
beauty transcribes.

the poet
finds it
in a meadow
on the banks
of the river.

it begins
with music.

and the words

of experience,

Bre said...

that's a really cool way to write poetry. i wish i could do it but my computer won't let me.

a fellow poet

Robin said...

I like yours and mb's too.

MB said...

Here's another from Sundown Slim by Henry Hubert Knibbs. For this, I didn't keep the exact punctuation.

the road at night,
the blur of a hill
southern stars

the air
cool and sweet
in darkness

the world
the moon
the stars



at last, night
sliding away

all night
for it

Simon said...

this is much fun, im enjoying them all :) this is from 'Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War'

the Leader,
a foot from his path,
close behind him his error.

the foe,
repeats the foe.

of bullets and leaders.

the movement of the enemy,
their ability,
at first sight a simple reflection.

the observer,
himself in this event,
has to touch and be judge.

Crystal said...


I hope you are well. I finally graduated from Riv. I can't believe our poetry class was almost two years ago now! Anyway, I found a writing site you may be intereted in. E-mail me at and I will send you an invitation.

Crystal (from Poetry Writing w/ Dr. Stull)

wordsworth90 said...

Hey I see you are a poet:-)
You may like this site:

Your poem is very good by the way have fun in Disneyland!!!!

Juliet Wilson said...

Oh what an interesting way to create poetry! I'll need to try that some time! I visited your poetry off-blog so to speak and I really liked it! I've just set up a new poetry blog I'd love you to send me some (up to 6) poems to consider publishing there. I'm looking for poems that are short enough to fit in the computer screen, that haven't been published within the last six months (if they've been published earlier than that, just say where). More info on my blog! I look forward to hearing from you - and please tell other poets about the blog!

matt said...

i'm at work, so i can't really experiment with erasures just now... but, i just had to say that i've only moments ago stumbled upon your blog, and i'm enjoying what i'm seeing.

poem on.

iamnasra said...

here goes mine

Passing throuhg
The curtained room
Although there were a case of rush
Were a feautre of Old San Fransisco
The unpalatable appetizers
Once always passed over
A temale sweet day

Amy said...

I love all these erasure poems. Isn't it fun to click and erase all those words, whittling down to just a few? Thanks for giving it a try and posting your own.

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