Monday, April 04, 2011

Maryland Writers Conference and a Great New Anthology

Hello poetry lovers!

I just returned from the Maryland Writers' Conference in Baltimore. I don't live in Maryland, but my sister was attending and pitching a fiction manuscript to a publisher there, so I agreed to go and lend moral support. Three great things happened: 1) the publisher is interested in my sister's book and wants to read more. (Yay!) 2) I attended a few excellent lectures/panels, including a wonderful discussion of autobiographical poetry by the poet Sue Ellen Thompson 3) I was introduced to a fabulous new anthology of poetry published and just released by the Maryland Writers' Association: Life in Me Like Grass on Fire.

This is called a collection of "love poems," and that is true, but love is considered broadly and deeply by the poets, and sometimes in ways we might not expect--consider the section "Love as We Age." I love a good anthology, and I enjoy the results of a good editor's discerning choices.

In my next post, I'll include and discuss one of the poems in this book, and in a future post I'll interview the author Bryce Ellicott. Check out some great discussion on writing on Bryce's excellent blog, One Writer's Mind, and not just because it currently features an interview with me!

6 comments: said...

oh love poems
introduce about ur poem soon
eagerly waiting to read

Bryce Ellicott said...

I am so pleased you like the anthology - and thanks for the plug :)
One Writer's Mind

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to write to say thank you for the link to Channel 37 in your "Nifty Blogs and Sites" list! I'm guessing you caught our little performance at the Buskers' Cafe on Saturday. I'm humbled and honored to have a poem in the "Life in Me" anthology. Laura is a cool lady and MWA is a terrific and supportive group.

Amy said...

@myworld: check the current post for the first one :-)

@bryce: you're welcome, thanks for the lovely poem

@plagasse: my pleasure. Your site makes me so nostalgic for those UHF days.

Danny Castillones Sillada said...

My dear Amy,

I miss you and this usual ‘revelare’ or disclosure of poem and its poet. It’s like a workshop to me, I learn a lot of things from this blog. I have grown, too, in my writing and I consider you as one of those influential in the development of my poetry. I still have a long way, though, but I know I’m already on the right direction.

I maintain one blog here in, the CuadroFilipino, my review of Filipino art. I have my official website:

I’d like to share my recently published poem in Philippines Free Press (a weekly magazine in our country) titled “The Door of an Abandoned Old House”:

Nice seeing you here again, I hope you’ll continue this very informative discussion on poetry and poets.

Best regards,

Amy said...

Hey Danny! So glad to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your poem and website. I am definitely continuing this blog, so I hope to your wonderful, artistic commentary often!