Monday, July 25, 2005

Back from P-town

Yesterday I returned from an intensive memoir writing workshop at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown on Cape Cod. The weather was stunning, and despite the work, I did manage an afternoon on the beach. Fabulous.

The workshop was led by Marcie Hershman, and if you enjoy reading memoir, check out her book entitled Speak to Me , an account of her dealing with grief after the death of her brother. Marcie is also the author of several novels and a wonderful workshop leader. She is teaching a week long memoir workshop in the fall at FAWC, so check it out if you have something important from your life experience that you want to get down on paper.


Danny said...

Oh dear Amy,

Thanks again for dropping by at my other blog "Anatomy of Despair".

I am curious on Marcie Hersman's "Speak to Me." Hope I can find a copy at our local bookstore.

I am also considering submitting my application for FAWC Fellowships next year either on writing or art. I had been planning about it since 1996 but never accomplished a single one.

Thanks again for making my morning beautiful.


PS. Thanks also for the link, I am honored. I'll do the same as soon as I have time.

Andrew Eglinton said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your poetry. Bookmarked your site and will try to post more 'constructive' comments further on down the line.

Best regards


Anonymous Poet said...

Are you working on your memoirs already?