Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Cortland Review

False color image of the moon
NASA photo gallery.

Found this over at The Cortland Review online:


Caught sight of the moon
caught in its
net of

and thought-
I've got to get free of that.

John Brehm

I sense a blending of speaker and poet here. The speaker spots the moon, visually entangled in tree branches, and identifies with it; perhaps he feels his own life is tangled up and sees that manifested in the moon's "plight."

On the other hand, there is a concensus among poets that the moon is an overused image. I imagine the poet's attention turning toward the moon, findng inspiration, crafting some words, then thinking: wait. Can't write about the moon. Need to think of something else.

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SilverMoon said...

Hi Amy,
I always enjoy your insights on your blog. Yes, the moon is often an overused image. However, speech is free, so I did choose an "overused pen name" w/ moon in it for personal reasons I will explain on my blog. These are important to me on an self-awareness/self-discovery level apart from publishing poetry.

The name was chosen to express myself and so far I have not written of the moon, although I'm sure the allure of the night will shine through in the future.

I write poetry on my blog as well as prose.
SilverMoon (GEL) aka Green-EyedLady