Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Little Haiku

I think I'll wrap up the week with these two lovely haiku poems by Taneda Santoka, translated by Scott Watson. They are found on page 32 of Vallum v. 3:2.

all day
without words

rub a

I particularly like the serenity created by that second poem. Beautiful.

Have a great weekend.


KatPop said...

lol @ the little haiku...too cute

Paros Shepherd said...

all day
without words

I live a few hundred feet from the gentle surf. Everyday I gaze on the subject of this haiku.

Thank you

Amy said...


I envy you! I love the ocean, in any season.

Travis J. Morgan said...

I love the first haiku. It's enlightening with it's perfectly placed satori.

Amy said...


I agree about the satori; the poem is so well crafted I feel drawn to read it over and over.

Scott Watson said...

Amy I came across your use of my Santoka translations. Glad you like them. Do you get ever to Japan?
Scott Watson

Amy said...

Hello Scott,

Thanks so much for dropping by the site! I just loved that issue of Vallum, and especially those poems you translated.

I lived in Japan for a year and a half during 1990-91, then got an M.A. in East Asian Studies at Washington University in St. Louis; but I have not been back to Japan since I lived there. These days I'm working on poetry and poetry analysis, and I have a particular interest in the sense of "nowness" in the experience of a poem, that transience of being in the essence of the poem that comes and goes so quickly. (That how much it takes to say "mono no aware" in English.)

I assume you have extensive experience in Japan. I am very interested to know about it, if you are up to sharing. I am so glad you're out their doing quality translations of wonderful poetry.


Scott said...

Hi Amy. Yes, half my 52 years here. BTW Longhouse just brought out a new booklet of Santoka translations. the link is:

And there is a book available at Amazon. The Santoka..... like the ones Vallum used.

Lots to share. My email is